Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month

Mental illness is not prejudiced; anyone can be affected.

May is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month and we want to discuss some ways we can help alleviate some habits.
2018 is a year of #4Mind4Body which encourages people to promote healthy lifestyle changes, it’s all-encompassing in terms of mental and physical health
These small changes can make a big difference

  • try to sleep for a full eight hours
  • eat 2-3 well-balanced meals every day
  • avoid sugars, grease, salt, saturated fats, and processed foods
  • engage in physical activity for at least 30 min daily
  • drink at least 3 liters of water a day
  • be present in daily relationships
  • manage stress wisely
  • avoid “screen time” and engage in more “in person time”
  • practice mindfulness or meditation
  • avoid drugs and alcohol
  • communicate with those you trust

As there are many helpful tips to living with mental illness, know that everyone is different. If you wish to seek medical help please do so immediately! There is no need to wait.



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