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“Without A, B and O, we can’t save anybody,” the Red Cross says. “Each year, fewer and fewer people are donating blood.” The Red Cross has sadly announced that donors have decreased by 80,000 each year over the past four years.

Whole blood donations only take about 8-10 minutes, with a recovery of 10-15 minutes afterward.

Why Donate?
Cancer patients: they’re in need of platelets because some cancers and treatments prevent patients from producing their own
Trauma patients: they’re in need of Power Red because red cells carry oxygen throughout the body and are frequently given to trauma and surgery patients
Sickle cell patients: they need multiple transfusions and must be very closely matched to their blood donor in type and racial/ethnic background
Burn patients: they’re in need of AB Elite, which is plasma that helps them maintain blood pressure and other vital functions
Patients with chronic diseases: one donation can help multiple people, all blood types are needed!

Are you Eligible? Roughly 38% of Americans are eligible to donate and the criteria are very minimal. You must be in good health, over 17, and at least 110 lbs.

Please go to to find your nearest donation center! We would love to help you donate as soon as possible. Donating blood can really save a life/lives!